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Give your product maximum display with a Cake Display Fridge

Pastry fridge displays and cake display fridges offer an ideal view to your fresh and tasty treats for your customers to purchase.

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Cake Display Fridge

For bakeries, cafes and restaurants a cake display fridge is a must, as it aims to present a wide range of product variety for their customers. If you really are looking for a good quality fridge to display your tasty and fresh cakes, to start your new cake store.

We offer some of the most trendy and high quality reliable cake display fridges, which have unique specifications including LED lights, rotating displays as well as stainless steel finishing in more than one designs, shapes and sizes.

It depends on the level of your business, whether you are running a small business or a large-scale business. Cake display fridges come in double decks, triple decks or even more than that. Before going to purchase any display unit, you must make an estimate about your business with care. So that you can select more useful and reliable unit for your business and you can invest on the right place. These type of units are available in square glass or curved glass tops as well.

Square Glass or Curved Glass?

Square glass cake display fridges are the perfect units to display foods like cakes, sandwiches, chocolate goods, sealed foods and even bottle drinks. The square glass display fridge looks trendy and also gives you a large surface to work inside the cabinet as well as on top of the fridge. The square glass models give the maximum amount of visibility for your products.

These units are fully self-contained and just simply can plug in. They run between 2c and 8c and are easily adjustable with a digital control to suit your temperature requirements. LED or fluorescent lights fitted under each shelf.

Depending on what you’re selling, glass or plastic gloss black shelves in Cake Display Fridges, are installed to give the best product presence.

Curved glass cake display fridges are not generally as popular as the square glass fridges because they have the disadvantage of losing shelf space as you go up each level in the display case. You also don’t have as much of a display on top of your fridge losing that to the curve in the glass. However, they still have LED or Fluro lights under each level of the shelves for fantastic product display. If you don’t have a lot of products to display, the curved glass cake display fridges are an excellent choice.

If you are looking for a bench top / countertop cake display fridges, we have them available here: Benchtop Cake Fridges.

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Square Cake Display Fridge