Heavy Duty Utensil & Pot Washers

Commercial Utensil & Pot Washers surely designed for those extra heavy duties washing up jobs that require more than a dishwasher. So, Utensil and pot washers available with extra opening hight and extra wide wash compartments for all your kitchen items to wash.
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Commercial pot and utensil washers are designed to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene that are required by today’s industry codes. So, pot and utensils washers can wash pots, pans, containers, trays, and also, utensils in a matter of minutes efficiently. With a full wash, rinsed, and sanitised cycles.

A situation was you would be looking at using a commercial utensil & pot washer would be bakeries, kitchens were you have substantial large cooking pots, pans & trays. Where they are too big for your regular passthrough dishwasher or even washing them in your stainless steel sink. By placing them into the washer’s basket and putting it into the machine. Your pots, pans & trays will wash in no time after all. With pot and utensils washers having an opening up to 850mm wide. You can fit the largest of pots inside after all.

Utensil & Pot Washers

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