Utensil Washers & Pot Washers

Commercial utensil washing machines and pot washers are designed for heavy-duty washing up jobs that a standard dishwasher can’t handle. So utensil and pot cleaners have extra-high openings and extra-wide compartments to fit larger items.

Great for washing large pots, pans, trays, containers, and utensils in a matter of minutes. Full wash, rinse and sanitise cycles. Ideal for commercial kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants. These units take over any task that is too big for a regular passthrough dishwasher.

Instead of wasting time scrubbing bulky trays and pots by hand in the sink, simply place your dirty item into the washer basket and allow the machine to work for you. Our machines have an opening size of up to 850mm wide, allowing you to fit your largest cooking equipment with no issues.

These dishwashers are designed to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene that are required by today’s industry codes.

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