Commercial Rice Cookers & Rice Warmers

Commercial rice cookers and rice steamers will produce deliciously evenly light and fluffy rice every time.
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A commercial rice maker is perfect for high output of steamed rice for all your favourite curries, stews, stir-fries, fried rice, and sushi.
Rice cookers can work effortlessly to cook massive amounts of rice. For, Sushi places, Chinese buffets, Japanese hibachi grills and other restaurants that specialize in rice dishes.

What’s the difference between a Commercial Rice Cooker & Rice Warmers

When going to purchase a rice cooker or rice warmer, keep a look out for the model you are buying. Many machines only come in a rice cooker mode that will only cook rice and not automatically switch over to warming mode. Then there are also models that are rice warmers only as well. Rice warmers will only keep the cooked rice warm and not cook it. Then you can also purchase a rice cooker and warmer in the one machine that features a built-in thermostat and an automatic switch to warming mode. Rice cookers and warmers will automatically switch modes from cooking the rice to warming the rice once it has completed its cooking cycle and keep it at ideal temperatures.

Commercial rice cookers and warmers arrive in an assortment of suitable sizes that fit right on your countertop. Clearing up space in your kitchen prep line after all.

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