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Service Calls & Warranty Claims

Please use this fault checklist to check your equipment before completing the form below for a warranty claim:

1. Check the power source to the equipment first? are there any lights or fans on? try moving it to a different power point. Check that fuses or power sockets are working or any gas supply is switched on.

2. If refrigerated equipment is becoming too warm, check that the condenser is clean from dust and dirt. Condensers are located near the compressors on refrigerated equipment and looks like a box with lots of fins. You MUST turn off the equipment at the power source before you clean your Condenser. Using a brush is the best way to clean this. Condensers MUST be cleaned regularly or warranty becomes void.

3. Ensure refrigerated equipment are sited as per instructions. They should not be placed in direct sunlight, by hot cooking equipment or where the flow of cool fresh air to the unit is either restricted or adverse e.g. underneath an air conditioning system or by an open window or door. This is not regarded as a service call and you will be charge for a non warranty claim.

4. Make sure the thermostat on refrigerated equipment is adjusted correctly. Turning the thermostat to a colder position when the appliance is iced up makes the problem worse. Please defrost the appliance and then adjust the thermostat.

5. Ice cream cabinets may become hot on the outside during start up or heavy usage, this is normal. If your ice cream freezer has a milky smell coming from it, this is because you have spilt ice cream down into the drainage system and could be cooking from the heat from the motor or electric defrost water pan. Any ice cream spilt should be cleaned up ASAP to stop this from happening.

6. For glasswashers and dishwashers remove drainage pipes and inspect the drainage point in the unit for broken glass or food that may have become lodged preventing drainage.

7. Ice machines not making much ice? this can be because the condenser is full of dust and needs to be cleaned, it also can be the water filter that needs to be change over to a brand new filter. It is recommended to have a brand new filter AT least every 6 months to keep your ice nice and clean. Not having a clean filter could void your warranty.

The above are not classed as faults and so therefore are not covered by manufacturers warranty. If a fault is found to be due to any of these reasons or anything that is caused by the situation or the usage of the equipment and not a fault of the equipment itself then a charge will be incurred for the call out.

Making a Warranty Claim

Fill in the online form below. All information must be completed in full for the claim to be processed.

Warranty Claim Form

Please upload pictures of the damaged items. Please Note: Unless images are supplied or goods are returned to store to be sighted, claims will not be processed. Images must be sufficient and support the claim.

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