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                        Attract Huge Sales with a Granita Dispensers

                        Commercial granita dispensers are well known as slupree, slushy, slush machines or daiquiri machines They are a frozen icy beverages that is water and a flavoured syrup mixed together in the bowl of the machine. With a refrigerated cylinder inside this bowl and a continuous agitator stirs the product to keep it fresh, this gives you a frozen granita mixer that every kid knows and loves.
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                        Granita Dispensers are known for attracting huge sales in the hot summer months, They come in a single, double and triple polycarbonate container.

                        Key features to look out for in a commercial slushy machine:

                        Bowl Capacity – First, a commercial granite machine must be large enough. Because you could be serving so many people, you should be looking at capacities of 10 liters or more per bowl on the machine. It’s also important to note that different machines come with different numbers of bowls. Each bowl has a on and off switch, If its quiet one day, you can have one bowl freezing, or if its a real busy day, you would have all bowls going at once.

                        Bowl Visibility – Having a clear, transparent bowls are your best choice because they allow customers to see your products from far away.

                        Defrost Timer – Not having one of these can be costly downtime and maintenance, Invest in a slush machine that has a defrost timer. A 24-hour programmable timer will help keep your products frosted at the desired temperature at the right time which can increase sales.

                        Freeze-up monitoring – A granita machine with freeze-up monitoring capability ensures that granita products with low sugar content don’t turn into a brick of ice. You may also want to consider how long it takes for the first batch to freeze. The shorter it takes, the better for you because it allows you to make more slushies in a day. But if it takes longer to freeze, you will need to turn the machine on earlier before you open to allow the mix to freeze.

                        Granita Dispensers

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