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4 Easy Steps for Selecting the Right Type of Cake Display Fridge for Your Business

If you own a restaurant, dessert establishment, bakery, ice cream shop, or any other kind of boutique eatery, you know how important presentation and imagery can be for the survival of your operation. Humans are, by nature, visual creatures, which is why the phrase “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” can hold so much meaning. As a result, the cake display fridge positioned front and center in your business is critical to your success and reputation as a food establishment.

Whether you’re looking to open a new business, replace your existing fridge, or are considering an entirely new layout, here are 4 easy steps to ensure you pick the right cake display refrigerator for your business:

Step 1: The Location

Where are you putting the cake display fridge? There are both large and compact fridges available per your requirement. Before you make a purchase, first identify the layout of your establishment so you know exactly where it is going. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a cake display fridge that does not fit in its intended location. As a central focal point for your operation, consider placing it right in viewpoint from the moment customers walk in.

Step 2: Budget & Need

If you are working within a budget, know that you are not alone. Most, if not all, individuals opening a business or running a business generally work within budget constraints. As an energy-efficient appliance, cake display fridges are actually more economical than regular freezers, due to their construction. So, if you are working with a budget, do not immediately shrug off the consideration of a cake display fridge.

Step 3: The Size

Depending upon how big your store is, you might want a massive cake display fridge. It’s a great way to spare the environment, save on money, and entice customers. If you are a dessert-centric operation, it’s really worth considering a fridge that can easily display all of your treats and goodies on any given day. Basically, no matter how big the fridge, it’s never going to deter customers.

Step 4: Environmental Conservation

If you are someone who cares about the environment, then you want to select a cake display fridge that is energy efficient. The less energy used by your business, the less energy that is pillaged out of the environment as a result. And why are these display fridges so energy efficient? The cold air tends to sink and stay at the bottom of the freezer chest, which means less is open when you open the door to retrieve the delicacy.

Ian Boer Display Fridges

Now that you have your checklist, you know you should consider the location, size, budget, and energy efficiency of your new refrigerator. Here at Ian Boer, we pride ourselves on providing completely energy efficient and environmentally friendly cake display fridges that will not only increase your sales, but also reduce your monthly energy bills. Be sure to check out our selection today:
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