Unox Combi Ovens

At Ian Boer, we stock a wide variety of Unox Combi Ovens because Unox has a solution to suit any restaurant, catering business or hospitality venture.

At Ian Boer, we’re proud to carry the exceptional Unox brand so we can pass that quality on to our customers.
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About Unox

The Unox brand began in 1990 in Italy. Unox ovens currently ship to more than 110 countries worldwide. The brand is now a global leader in the commercial food industry. Unox has a passion for high-quality food and innovation.

Unox has a distinguished history of serving businesses worldwide. Unox ovens meet the most stringent industry standards so you know you're getting the best. Unox understands the requirements of a successful commercial kitchen. We stake our reputation on the Unox ability to perform.

Have unique business needs? Talk to one of our professional staff today to find out how a Unox oven can help you overcome them. The innovative Unox line offers many unique, flexible solutions to meet your requirements.

About Unox Combi Ovens

Are you a new business owner or new to the world of commercial cooking? At Ian Boer our team of experts will help you find the right oven for your kitchen. Our staff often recommends Unox Combi Ovens.

Unox combines high-quality commercial equipment with knowledge of the hospitality industry. So your food is the best it can be.

Want to know more about Combi ovens? Combi ovens offer great quality because they have three functions in one unit. These functions are:

· Convection
· Steam
· Combination

When in convection mode, combi ovens use dry heat to bake foods like breads and pastries to perfection. Switching to steam mode enables your oven to use water to poach vegetables, fish and more.

The combination mode is where the magic happens due to their unique functionality. This mode allows you to control a combination of dry and steam to maintain exact levels of humidity. With a Unox Combi Oven, you can adjust the humidity levels in the unit between 0%-100% by exactly the right amount. By allowing control over moisture levels, your Unox Combi oven ensures perfect results, so you can offer your customers the greatest food they've ever tasted.

Advantages of Unox Combi Ovens

A Unox Combi Oven is an ideal choice for a commercial kitchen as combi ovens can:

· Automate cooking to save labour and time
· Ensure consistent results
· Avoid food shrinkage
· Halt flavour transfer when cooking more than one dish

Combi ovens are also energy efficient and excellent for sous vide cooking! They are also ideal for baking and low-temperature steaming so your dishes are exquisite every time.

Combi ovens also allow for:

· Roasting
· Steaming
· Frying foods, the healthy way
· Cooking at both high and low temperatures
· Rethermalization

Unox Combi ovens are also ideal for phase cooking. Simply set the oven to cycle through convection, steam or combi mode so you know your food is cooking just right. Then set your desired levels of humidity and in any order. The combi oven will then cycle through each phase to produce perfectly cooked food.

Is a Unox Combi Oven Right for Your business?

Unox Combi Ovens come in either 4, 6, 10 or 20 sheet pan ranges to accommodate commercial food businesses of any size. Have limited space in your kitchen? No problem! Unox ovens offer stackable solutions and generous shelf space to accommodate your requirements!

Unox ovens are also self-cleaning. With one touch of a button, your oven will be in tip-top professional shape again, even after the busiest day because a clean oven is a necessity in any commercial kitchen.

Unox ovens are energy efficient, with high degrees of insulation to prevent heat loss. They also consume the minimum amount of water required. Add that to the fact that these amazing ovens use very little energy. You’ll save money on both water and electric bills!

With a Unox Combi Oven, you’ll get amazing results again and again because Unox is the best in the industry.

Unox Combi Ovens at Ian Boer

At Ian Boer, we currently stock several Unox combi ovens made in Italy. Our Unox solutions suit all your commercial kitchen needs. From hotels and restaurants to catering services and hospitality venues.

We’ve got a varity of Unox Combi Ovens, so we can meet your unique needs. And if we don’t carry the Unox Combi Oven you prefer, we can special order it for you.

At Ian Boer, we carry the following Unox Combi Ovens and Grills:

· Unox XP 020 PR – Double Glass Ceramic Contact Grill
· Unox XP 010 PT – Single Glass Ceramic Contact Grill
· Unox XP 020 T – Double Glass Ceramic Contact Grill
· Unox XP 020 PT – Double Glass Ceramic Contact Grill
· Unox XB 895 Bakerlux 10 600x400 Tray Electric Combi Oven
· Unox XB 695 Bakerlux 6 600x400 Tray Electric Combi Oven
· Unox XB 1083 Bakerlux 16 600x400 Tray Electric Combi Oven
· Unox XB 893 Bakerlux 10 600x400 Tray Electric Combi Oven
· Unox XB 693 Bakerlux 6 600x400 Tray Electric Combi Oven
· Unox XFT 200 (Top) LineMiss Top 4 Tray 600x400 Electric Oven

And if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we’ll special order it for you.

So come on into Ian Boer Refrigeration and Catering Equipment today to discuss your combi oven needs. We’ve got a great selection of Unox Combi Ovens and Grills available to rent or buy.

Prefer to shop online? Perfect! Browse our Unox ovens on our website at your convenience.

Looking to finance? We’ve got a wide range of options available, so we can offer our customers even more value.

And don’t forget that Ian Boer offers exclusive delivery service all over Australia with our own fleet or one of our reliable third-party transport partners.

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