Trueheat appliances are versatile enough to meet all needs in commercial kitchens. The manufacturer understands the needs of Australian RC kitchens and has developed a new range of equipment.

The new Trueheat Series has been created to deliver performance at an affordable price; we met with one of the project leaders to find out what has helped to bring this new assortment to life.

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The Project Summary For The New Trueheat Series

The project summary consisted of a full review of the existing Trueheat product range to update the product range. Particular attention was paid to the aesthetics, design, and development of new products that complement the existing products.

Part of the conducted market research, including the assessment of the ideal characteristics of competitive products! The new design of the RC series is a combination of these best features as well as a revision of the existing design. The name RC Series came from the decision to place the new product line in a market segment that would likely require all the Trueheat products available in the product range.

Which New Trueheat Products Were Essential To The New Series?
The obvious omissions of the product in the old Trueheat range were a fryer and a pasta cooker. We also saw the need for counters with a width of 300 and 400 mm due to the growth of smaller coffee and coffee dispensers.

Among others, New Trueheat RC Series Include:

This new Trueheat RC range of gas fryer combines power, functionality and a new and improved open-pot design to provide a commercial fryer specifically designed for Australian restaurant and cafeteria kitchens.

Top W 2 Burner NG Trueheat RC Series 300mm
Also, this new burner hob of the Trueheat RC Series 2 combines versatility, functionality and a new aerodynamic design to provide a commercial cooktop.

Top W Full Griddle Plate NG Trueheat RC Series 300mm
The Full Griddle Plate Trueheat RC series combines versatility, functionality and a new design optimized to offer a commercial plate.

Top W 4 Burner NG Trueheat RC Series 600mm
The new burner hob of the Trueheat RC Series 4 combines versatility, functionality and a new sleek design to provide a commercial cooktop.

The Biggest Improvement Of The Previous Trueheat RC Series
Key enhancements include improved furnace performance, a new front rail profile that can be easily combined with stainless steel seat, a new open-burner coaster design, new control knobs, and greater rigidity during assembly, better internal component and better overall/aesthetic finish.

What Characterizes The New Trueheat Products?

Among other things, the radiant grille has a completely new infrared burner design that generates a great deal of heat on the entire cooking surface. The performance of the fryer is similar to that of the corresponding models of many of the world's leading frying brands. The plate with its new 15 mm thick mild steel plate and the improved burner is a big improvement compared to earlier equivalent models.

Finally, the new "True heat" is a significant improvement of the product range over the previous product range. The way things are now; there are no restrictions in which the new RC series products can be used. However, the key markets are fast food establishments, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc.

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