Robot Coupe MP 800 Turbo – Commercial Stick Blender

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Robot Coupe MP 800 Turbo – Commercial Stick Blender

Perfect for blending soups, sauces, and purees, this Robot Coupe variable speed stick blender provides versatility and power in any busy commercial kitchen. Featuring a speed variation button which can easily be used with one hand, the lug on the housing can serve as a rest and a pivot on the rim of a pan, making the appliance easier to handle, the stick blender also features a new power cord winding system for easier storage and a longer lifespan, the stick blender will produce the ideal consistency for your food with its extended shaft whilst reducing splashback during cooking. Built with a watertight foot to reduce the risk of exposure, the item comes with its own stainless steel wall support and is designed ergonomically to lessen user fatigue.

The Robot Coupe MP 800 Turbo comes with a double handle design making it more comfortable to use and move around as well Electronic Booster System technology designed to improve the performance of the motor.

Robot Coupe MP 800 Turbo
Removable foot and blade
1 x Stainless steel wall support supplied
Power – 850 Watts
Voltage – Single Phase
Speed – 9500 rpm
Dimensions: Total Length 970mm – Tube Length 580mm
Gross Weight – 7.4kg