Offer your Customers Stunning Displays With Fruit & Vegetable Display Fridges

We have a huge range of Fruit & Vegetable Display Fridges. From Open Front Display Fridges to Sliding Glass Door Fridges Cases. Available in many different sizes, heights, and shapes to suit your requirements.

Commercial Fruit & Vegetable Display Cases

Our Open Front Display Fridges are perfect for fresh fruit & vegetables, fresh produce, package cheeses and deli items. These would ideally be located in supermarkets, service stations, greengrocers and are excellent refrigerated food displays.

Evaporative Cooling vs. Open Display Fridges

The only downside to having a reach in open front fridge is that if your store ambient temperature exceeds +25c they will start to lose refrigerator capacity and won’t hold temperatures very well at all. If you also have evaporative cooling in your shop, these will NOT work at all, as evaporative cooling puts moisture into the air and your open fridge will be fighting against the moisture and won’t win. It is advised to have refrigerated air conditioning when purchasing an open front fridge.

First of all, if you do have evaporative cooling, our best solution is our Commercial Sliding Glass Door Fruit & Vegetable Display Fridges. These display fridges are perfect for fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh produce and dairy products. With LED internal lighting, they will give your fresh goods an incredible display. They also will keep your products at a +1c to +5c, and these temperatures are fully adjustable if needed. Also, the refrigeration system is rated at a +40c ambient. They will work amazingly in the busiest of shops. Also, come with self-closing doors and heated glass doors to remove any condensation built up on the glass doors for clear vision.

You can see our full range of Open Display Fridges and Reach in Cabinets.

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