Product Description

Norris Cafemaster AWC Underbench Dishwasher

The Norris Cafemaster AWC is a compact under bench dishwasher that will handle up to 30cm plates. Standard pump out waste drain makes it easy to connect. With built-in detergent and rinse aid injectors. The CafeMaster will provide a sparkling wash overall

List of Features on a Norris Cafemaster AWC

Norris AWC Controller
5-Year Warranty on AWC Controller
2-Year parts & labour warranty
60/120/300/Descale second cycle
Pump out drain as standard
Up to 600 plates per hour*
Automatic detergent &amp rinse aid injection
Will accept up to 30cm plates
Recirculating wash system
500mm x 500mm basket size
Dimensions: 595W x 665D x 840H
*Dependent on incoming water temperature and pressure*

Loads/Hour – Up to 30*
Wash Pump – Yes
Rinse Pump – No
Detergent – Yes
Rinse Aid – Yes
Time Cycle – 60 / 120 / 300 / Descale
Drain – Pump Out
Water per rack – 3L
Usable Height – 325mm
Electrical Supply – 240v, 15amps, 50Hz

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