Product Description

Norris Madison IR200 Rack Conveyor Dishwasher

The Norris Madison IR200 is a commercial conveyor dishwasher

List of Features on a Norris Madison IR200

Norris Madison IR200 are extremely low water consumption, up to 1,1 litre per rack.
Clearance enhanced up to 45 cm allowing an easy wash even of the tallest thermos insulated trays.
Pre-arrangement for the installation of chemical pumps.
As an option the chemical system composed of detergent and rinse aid peristaltic pumps electronically
controlled and fully adjustable from the control panel.
Double rail system with side sledge with alternative movement.
High resistance and high rigidity side rails with 30/10 AISI 304 advance teeth.
Clog-proof drive motor installation without friction elements.
Multiple motor speeds allowed.
Advanced soft touch interface including a wide easy to read four digits LED screen; two colour-changing bars to supply all-at-a-glance information about the machine status.
Allows managing any function and module of the machine, as well as to record functional data and to connect the dishwasher to external equipment and to the web.
Built in USB connection, optional plug-in internal board for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.
User interface ergonomically placed at eye’s level
All parameters are fully adjustable
Optional emergency stop switch
Optional built-in main switch
IPX 5 water protection

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