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Why You Need Specialised Flower Fridges for Your Floral Business

When it comes to the refrigeration of flowers, regular industrial fridges and freezers just don’t cut it. Designed to remove moisture from the air in an attempt to keep food cold and preserved longer, these refrigerators are programmed to prioritise high-airflow and cold temperatures.

As the owner of a floral business, you know those are two conditions that guarantee unhappy flowers. These flowers need humidity, as well as warmth, to maintain their optimal shape and display. Humidity prevents the flowers from losing their natural hydration, which contributes to quickened wilting and decaying.

Therefore, in order to run a profitable and lucrative flower business, you need the right refrigerator that is going to hold all of your plant products perfectly in place with warmth and ample moisture. Let’s look further into the specialised importance of these floral fridges.

How Are Floral Fridges Different from Regular Fridges?

There are three main ways in which flower fridges are different from the regular fridges in your business:

  • Floral fridges maintain an optimal level of moisture and natural humidity in the refrigerated air, keeping plants happy and rejuvenated until they are picked up and brought home.
  • Flower fridges maintain mild temperatures that although are cooler than hot summer days, are still warmer than regular fridges at temperatures around +10c to +14c.
  • Florist fridges maintain a baffled airflow at a low velocity, which means the plants will not be forcibly dried out.

These floral fridges come with humidity settings that range between 80% and 95%, depending upon the types of plants you are housing within the fridge (arid plants require less humidity).

What About Commercial Fridges Marketed for Flowers?

Many commercial refrigeration companies will claim that they make special units for delicate organisms, like plants. However, be weary of this marketing – these companies are simply taking old or returned units and “converting” them to the best of their ability. These fridges were, originally, still made with the high intensity airflow and low humidity setting in mind.

How Does One Take Care of a Floral Fridge?

Like any big piece of machinery, a floral fridge will require some maintenance and repair from time to time. However, to slow down that process, make sure there is proper airflow surrounding the unit. Additionally, keep the floral fridge free of dust by cleaning out the vents monthly.

Should I Buy a Flower Fridge?

Ultimately, if you own a floral shop, obtaining a floral fridge is an absolute necessity. The presentation of your flowers and plants is the most important part of your business, which means you need to keep them happy, healthy, and pretty as long as possible.

Here at Ian Boer, we carry specialised floral refrigeration equipment that will not only contain each one of your plants perfectly in its own compartment but will also guarantee slow airflow, humid air, and warm and receptive temperatures for your plants. It’s the difference between a successful and failed flower business – trust us! Invest in the right floral infrastructure starting today.

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