Are you looking for high-quality equipment by one of the top names in the industry? Look no further than Waldorf by Moffat. As a Moffat brand, it has the distinction of having enjoyed a long and successful history. They started out in Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. Since then they've established a global network of distributors in the United Kingdom, Asia, Russia, and Canada to name a few.
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In addition to taking pride in their high-powered and innovative products, Moffat works hard to help craft the perfect kitchen space for speed and efficiency.

No matter what your business needs or aspirations, this is a company that will help you achieve them because they've got the experience to understand what a customer wants.

Why Buy Waldorf by Moffat

From streamlining kitchen operations to enhancing performance, Waldorf works hard at attaining perfection. Engineered to reduce cook times and increase food quality, this space-efficient line is a commercial caterer’s dream.

Waldorf products include:

• Bratt Pans
• Bench Tops
• Chargrills
• Cooktops & Induction Cooktops
• Deep Fryers
• Griddles & Griddle Toasters
• Griddle Toasters
• Induction Cooktops
• Pasta Cookers
• Ranges
• Salamanders
• Target Tops

What are some of their best features?

Where do we start?
Perhaps with the open burners of the new 800 series, which increases cook time while taking food quality to incredible new heights. How do they do it? By allowing for the ultimate in precision temperature adjustment for exactly the right amount of heat, no matter what you're cooking.

These burners are made from cast-iron with a forged brass cap to ensure even flame distribution for perfect results every time.

Or maybe we should talk about the new 800 series itself, with its sleek look and custom mounting. These high-performance units are built for power and efficiency while allowing for custom kitchen design and the ultimate use of space.

No matter what it is you’re looking for in a commercial kitchen, Waldorf has the ultimate equipment to provide top performance and aesthetic value.

Waldorf at Ian Boer

At Ian Boer, we love the Waldorf brand, and we love what it does for our customers.

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, you’ll find a variety of Waldorf products at Ian Boer to rent or buy.

Have questions? Be sure to ask our expert staff, because we’ll help you find the perfect unit for your business.

Looking for something you don't see in stock? We'd love to source it for you because we believe that excellent customer service is a must. And speaking of great customers service, all your purchases at Ian Boer are backed by our risk-free warranty.

Need financing? Let's talk. At Ian Boer, we understand business needs and as a result, we have several financing options available.

And don’t forget! Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia! We have our own fleet as well as several dependable third-party transport partners!

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