Roband Commercial Catering Equipment

Roband is a family-owned business that began over sixty years ago with the advent of a milkshake maker in the family garage. Created by Sidney Roband, the head of the family, the business was named for his two sons, Robert and Andrew.

Robert’s passion for great food has since led him down a career path as a chef. Andrew is the Managing Director of Roband. Since those early days, the family’s passion for food service has been clear. As a result, they've since seen their product line expand to dizzying heights.

Roband is a go-to brand for airlines and convention centres to five-star hotels. They're used in some of the swankiest institutions in Australia.

Why? Because Roband has built a reputation for durability and reliability.

From their diverse and innovative product line to their understanding of the extreme Australian climate, Roband just is quality.
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Roband Products

Roband products are made in Australia before being shipped out globally. Roband Counterline Equipment and AustHeat Floor Model Equipment are well known in Australia. But Roband supplies several brands that are in demand world-wide, such as:

· Vitamix Commercial Blenders
· Naow Commercial Food Slicers
· Forje Commercial Cookware
· Robinox Kitchen and Tableware
· Dip Induction Systems
· Robalec Rice Cookers and Soup Warmers
· Robatherm Hot Water Products

Roband has a range of products designed to fit all commercial kitchens, including:

Beverage Makers

· Blenders
· Coffee Percolators
· Coffee Pot Warmers
· Hot Water Urns
· Milkshake Mixers

Countertop Equipment

· Bain Maries
· Carving Stations
· Chip Warmers
· Fryers
· Griddle Toasters
· Griddles
· Grill Stations
· Heat Lamps
· Hot Dog Machines
· Hot Plates
· Induction
· Meat Slicers
· Open Mouth Toasters
· Pasta Cookers
· Pie & Food Warmers
· Rice Cookers & Warmers
· Rotisseries
· Salamanders
· Soup Kettles
· Toasting Appliances

Freestanding Equipment

· Cold Bain Maries
· Cold Foodbars
· Electric Fryers
· Electric Hotplates/Grills
· Foodbar Accessories
· Hot Bain Maries
· Hot Food Display Bars

Roband Equipment at Ian Boer

No matter what type of commercial kitchen you’re equipping, we’ve got a Roband solution for you. Roband has made a name for themselves in all facets of the commercial catering industry. And for good reason.

With innovative solutions and flexible design, Roband is used in food service outlets of all types and sizes the world over. From cafes and restaurants to five-star hotels and resorts, airlines and more.

At Ian Boer, we stock Roband brand:
· Single Boiling Hot Plates
· Double Boiling Hot Plates
· Multi-Drawer Pie Warmers (4-6)
· Single Pan Countertop Bain Maries
· Double Pan Countertop Bain Maries
· Countertop Single-Row Bain Maries (No Pans)
· Countertop Double-Row Bain Maries (No Pans)
· Cold Bain Maries (Pans & No Pans)
· Chocolate Bain Maries (Double and Single Pan)
· Cold Double Row Bain Maries
· Glass Hot Food Bars (Double Row)
· Glass Cold Food Bars (Motor and No Motor)
· Countertop Meat Carving Stations
· Chip Warmers with Top/Bottom Heat Sources
· Milkshake & Drink Mixers
· Food Bars & Trolleys (with or without stainless steel side panels)
· Countertop Deep Fryers (1 & 2 basket)
· Countertop Donut Deep Fryers
· Countertop Griddle Hot Plates
· Extended Grease Channels for Grill Stations
· Wide Mouth Toasters
· Grill Max Toasters
· Grill Station Presses (Ribbed and Smooth Plates)
· Infrared Heating Lamp Assemblies
· Heat Lamps
· Double Pot Warmers
· Hot Dog Warmers with Glass Tank Units (With or without bun warmer spikes)
· Bun Warmers
· Sauce Warmer Bain Maries
· Single Pan Pasta Cookers/Vegetable Blanchers
· Non-Stick Grill Station Sheets
· Countertop Rotisseries (10 chicken capacity)
· Commercial Salamander Grills
· High Speed Buffet Toasters
· Stainless Steel Vertical Toasters
And more! And don’t forget, as with any brand if you don’t see it in our storeroom or on our website, our Ian Boer staff is happy to source it for you! So come on in today to talk about all your Roband commercial needs.

Buy Roband Products at Ian Boer

At Ian Boer, there’s nothing we love better than keeping our customers happy. That’s why we love our full range of Roband products. The Roband brand is one of our top-sellers, known for its dedication to quality and reliability.

Interested in seeing our line of Roband products? Come on in today to chat with our expert staff about the Roband brand.

Or if it’s more convenient, check out our selection of Roband products on our website. Looking for something you don’t see? Just let us know, we’re happy to source all Roband products to bring you the best Roband solution for your situation.

And with our flexible and easy financing packages, we’ll put that product within reach fast.

At Ian Boer, we’re also happy to offer lots of great rental or purchase packages, so your purchase is tailored to your exact needs.

And the best news?

With one of the most comprehensive warranty packages in the business, you ‘re buying at no risk to you.

And don’t forget! Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia. We have our own fleet as well as several dependable third-party transport partners!

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