Norris Dishwashers & Glasswashers

At Ian Boer, we couldn’t be prouder of our wide selection of Norris Commercial Dishwashers. As leaders in the hospitality industry, we know that Norris is a high-quality brand. We’re thrilled to pass that quality on to our customers.

About Norris

For over sixty years, Norris has been building top-notch dishwashers. Throughout the hospitality industry, the Norris name is synonymous with quality. And it's Australian, through and through! Founder Vince Norris built the first Australian glasswasher over sixty years ago.

Over the years, the brand has evolved. Norris now represents the highest quality commercial dishwasher equipment. Norris produces all its products in Australia. The brand has a deep understanding of the needs of the hospitality industry. They use this understanding to produce excellence.

Over the years, the brand has evolved. Norris now represents the highest quality commercial dishwasher equipment. Norris also produces all its products in Australia. The brand has a deep understanding of the needs of the hospitality industry, and they use this understanding to produce excellence.

Need a commercial dishwasher? Check out our online selection of high-quality Norris products today. Or talk to one of our expert staff about the Norris equipment that would best suit your needs.
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About Norris Commercial Equipment

From speed and efficiency to high power cleaning, professional establishments need it all. Norris Commercial Dishwashers definitely fit the bill. All Norris equipment uses the most advanced dishwashing technology.

Concerned about hygiene? It’s never an issue. All Norris machines adhere to the strict criteria laid out by the NSW Food Regulation Act of 1997. Without exception, all machines follow the guidelines for wash/rinse durations and temperatures to ensure maximum clean.

So no matter what your business may be, there’s a Norris Dishwasher to fit your needs. And Norris dishwashers are built for high performance in the extreme Australian climate.

About Norris Dishwashers

Built for dependability, all Norris dishwashers are high efficiency and easy to use. We all know that hospitality businesses can go through vast amounts of dishes and cutlery each day. Norris machines enable fast loading and unloading for quick and convenient washing. Short wash cycles and fast drying times help to speed things along, so your business will thrive. Never slow things down to wait on dirty dishes. Save on labour by eliminating post-wash tasks.

With Norris it's done fast, and it's done right.

Norris Dishwashers are built with high-grade steel and include:

• Double-skinned doors for reduced heat loss and noise
• Durable wash arms that last
• High efficiency operation for increased energy efficiency
• Scrap trays to catch any missed food
• Built-in chemical dispensers
• Solid pump out drain systems
• Programmed wash cycle options for higher water efficiency

With Norris dishwashers you’ll maximize impact and save money on labour, water and energy!

Norris offers several types of dishwashers, including:

• Underbench Dishwashers
• Passthrough Dishwashers
• Conveyor Dishwashers

Depending on your business, each type of dishwasher has its own set of advantages.

Underbench Dishwashers

Underbench dishwashers fit under counters and top benches to maximize space. Compact and affordable, they have all the power of larger machines but fit well in busy kitchens.

Passthrough Dishwashers

Like underbench dishwashers, passthrough washers are both compact and powerful. They also have the capacity to wash far more dishes per hour than underbench models. Push racks through as your staff fills them. Install next to a sink with an overhead spray for great pre-wash rinsing.

Conveyor Dishwashers

Norris Conveyor Dishwashers handle massive amounts of dishes. In fact, some Norris machines can cycle through prewash, wash, rinse and dry over 200 times per hour! If you’ve got a busy restaurant with lots of tough washing up, a conveyor dishwasher may be exactly what you need.

About Norris Glasswashers

Norris glasswashers use the exclusive CrystalClear Norris technology. The system cleans and polishes delicate glassware to perfection. Without the need for manual polishing.
How does CrystalClear do it? With the use of reverse osmosis!
The system operates with three settings ranging from standard to intensive to long. It's simple and easy to manage, with prominent LCD displays. Indicator buttons change colour as the machine cycles through phases. Using the machine couldn't be easier.
With the Norris Glasswasher, you’ll never need to worry about your glassware again. The system indicators will alert you at every stage. From wash temperature to time until the end of each cycle, we cover everything. So you have all the control and sophistication of a touchscreen without complications.
The Norris system cycles through several phases as it cleans your glassware, including:


During the wash phase, your glassware undergoes two power wash cycles. Known as DuoFlo pump and the EquaLizer2, each cycle eliminates bacteria. They also provide an intense wash with a temperature of 60°C.


The CrystalClear system features an incomparable rinse phase called UltraRinse2. Patented by Norris, this phenomenal rinse allows for a thorough, energy-efficient rinse. It uses an open boiler and a high-pressure rinse pump for an optimal finish.
Ever wonder what the best temperature is for optimal rinsing? It’s a constant 65°C. That’s exactly what CrystalClear delivers for the best health practices. And of course, a spot-free finish.


Draining is vital, and Norris Glasswashers get it right. Norris water exchange works at 100% efficiency, a full 44% more than most of the systems on the market today.
How do they do it? CrystalClear uses the unique EvoLution2 system to ensure optimal drainage. That means that your glasses come out looking gorgeous every time.

A Word About SmartClean Construction

Norris systems are known throughout the industry for their incredible SmartClean system. Built to cut any inefficiencies, they avoid any areas where food can build up in the washer. That means they’re quick and easy to clean too. And there's no need for cleaning the machine at the end of each cycle. Which is important to any busy restaurant, bar or cafe.
With Norris Glasswasher systems, you’ll save both labour and money. And your patrons will love your high-quality shine!

Norris Dishwashers at Ian Boer

At Ian Boer, you’ll find a wide variety of Norris Dishwashers and Glasswashers. No matter what your business needs, we’ve got it. Don’t see exactly what you want? Let us know! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to order it for you!

So visit Ian Boer Refrigeration and Catering Equipment today. We’ll take care of all your commercial dishwashing needs. Our huge selection of Norris equipment is available for rent or to buy.

And don’t forget that all Norris equipment comes with exceptional warranty. So there’s no risk involved.

Looking to buy online? Take a look at our site for our Norris units, and be sure to contact us with anything you need. Need financing? At Ian Boer, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got so many financing options you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.

And Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia using our own fleet or one of our dependable third-party transport partners!

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