Since 1963, Icematic has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of commercial ice machines for the hospitality industry.
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What's their chief goal besides keeping their customers happy? Product innovation, and it shows. Icematic builds some of the most innovative products on the market.

This, along with their penchant for putting customer needs first makes them an icon.

In the pursuit of innovation, Icematic has perfected the art of lean product development. All planning and production are geared toward the needs of the market.

Their commitment to excellence has paid off time and again. For example, Castel MAC was one of the first organizations to achieve ISO 9001 Quality System certification back in 1995. Now, over twenty years later the company has continued to meet the challenge of a competitive and ever-developing market. They've built some of the highest quality products in the industry today.

Icematic Products

At Ian Boer, we’re thrilled to carry the Icematic brand. You'll find a vast selection of Icematic products, including:

· Slope Front Ice Bins
· Cube Self Contained Ice Machines
· Ice Storage Bin Transportation Cart Systems
· Self Contained Ice Dispensers
· Ice Bagging Systems
· Flaker Module Ice Machines
· Replacement Water Filter Cartridges
· Full Dice Modular Ice Machines
· Half Dice Modular Ice Machines
· Large Dice Modular Ice Machines
· Nugget Ice Flaker Modular Ice Machines
· Low Water Super Flaker Modular Ice Machines

Looking for an Icematic product you don't see here? Let us know; we're happy to special order it for you!

Icematic at Ian Boer

At Ian Boer, we’re thrilled to carry a wide range of Icematic products by Castel MAC. They're one of the best brands in the industry. We're happy to provide our customers with all the benefits of these fantastic machines.

Looking to buy online? Check out our website to find the right Icematic product for you! Want to do a deeper dive? Come on into our showroom! Our expert staff will teach you all you need to know about buying the right machine for you.

If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we’ll be sure and source it for you, and we’ll make it fast and convenient. At Ian Boer, whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we’ll get the right product to you.

Every product purchased through Ian Boer is backed by manufactures warranty. Which means you can be 100% confident in your purchase. Looking to finance? No problem! At Ian Boer, we carry a range of financing options that are right for you.

And don’t forget! Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia. We have our own fleet as well as several dependable third-party transport partners!

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