As one of the most trusted suppliers of kitchen equipment in Australia. One of our top choices for quality, the Goldstein brand is a hot seller. Not to mention a hot addition to any commercial kitchen.

Read on to find out why we’re so excited to carry the Goldstein brand.
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About Goldstein

Established in 1911, Goldstein has made high-quality products for over 100 years. They're the largest manufacturer of food service and commercial kitchen equipment in Australia. Goldstein products are second to none for quality.

All Goldstein products are optimized for high performance in the extreme Australian climate.

Goldstein also understands that commercial kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. They provide solutions for businesses of all sizes, including:

· Cafes
· Event Venues
· Food Courts
· Hospitals
· Hotels and Motels
· Nursing Home Facilities
· Special Event Catering

From cooktops and commercial deep fryers to combi and pizza ovens, they have it all. Goldstein products fit into any space and cook food to perfection. All with maximum efficiency at a reasonable price.

At Ian Boer, we carry a full line of Goldstein products available to rent or buy at the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

Call our knowledgeable staff today for more information.

Goldstein Equipment at Ian Boer

At Ian Boer, we carry a full line of Goldstein equipment, including:

Goldstein Ranges

Goldstein manufactures a wide variety of gas ranges. They come in six and eight burner models with the following features:

· Easy clean removable cast iron trivets
· Energy-efficient, constant pilot flame (gas cooktops)
· Even-heat 28mj burners for optimal cooking (gas cooktops)
· Flexible cook-top design for custom combinations (BBQ, burners and grill)
· Durable, welded steel body
· Full insulation with vitreous enamel for easy cleanup, even head distribution
· High-grade stainless-steel fascia and sides
· Open, easy-to-clean 2.8w radiant elements or 2kw solid hotplates (electric cooktops)
· Options for convection, fan-forced or static options in gastronorm compatible sizes. (490/690mm width)
· Stainless steel spill zones and drip trays for easy cleanup

Commercial Deep Fryers

Goldstein deep fryers are among the most energy-efficient and reliable on the market. With Goldstein fryers, you can expect:

· Durable stainless-steel exterior for fast and easy cleaning
· High efficiency cooking including continuous pilot ignition
· Huge savings on oil with a twenty-litre pan capacity
· Rapid response to temperature changes
· Strong stainless-steel frame for long-lasting use
· ‘V’ pan fryers for flexible cooking

Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are a Goldstein specialty, with innovative features such as:

· Automatic vapour condensation
· Bio-steaming at 30-98C
· Combination mode allows for roasting, grilling, steaming, baking and more with superheated steam (100-250 C)
· Double action solenoid valve for cold water feed
· Dry hot air (50-299 C)
· Electronically controlled temperature switches (50-200 C)
· LED indicator lights for operating modes
· Left-hand door opening
· Non-tilt shelf racks (3) for sheet pans and/or GN-grids
· No-pressure steaming at 98 C
· No-pressure quick-steaming at 100-120 C
· Stainless steel interior and exterior
· Steam supply with full electronic controls
· Thermal blanket insulation (ceramic fibre) of 40mm thickness
· Up to 16 hours on timer

Pizza Ovens

Goldstein pizza ovens come in both gas and electric models. They include the following features:

· Even heat distribution for baking through refractory tile hearth design
· High-grade stainless-steel face and door for lasting durability
· Reflective insulation (10mm) for minimal heat loss
· Separate controls in electric models for top and bottom elements for browning
· Stackable design allows for minimal space in busy kitchens

Note: All Goldstein products come with a one-year full-coverage parts and labour warranty. Goldstein also guarantees they'll carry all spare parts for ten years from when you buy.

Along with these Goldstein classics, we’re also pleased to carry the following Goldstein products:

· Goldstein Gas Broiler Char Glo Ceramic Rock BBQs
· Goldstein Chinese Woks
· Goldstein Electric Convection Bench Ovens
· Goldstein Pasta Cookers
· Goldstein Griddles

And more! As always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and our team will be happy to source it for you.

Buy Goldstein Products at Ian Boer

At Ian Boer, we wouldn’t be a commercial cooking showroom without a full range of Goldstein products. Stop in today to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff about the best Goldstein solution for your business.

To buy online, browse the wide selection on our website, and be sure to let us know if we can help. With our convenient financing packages, we make buying quick and easy.

Have something in mind you don’t see in our showroom? No matter what the brand, we’re happy to order it for you! At Ian Boer, we offer lots of great options on rental or purchase packages.

And we offer one of the most comprehensive warranty packages in the business. So you can be confident that you’re buying with no risk.

And don’t forget! Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia. We have our own fleet as well as several dependable third-party transport partners!

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