The Goldstein Eswood group of companies has long supported the Australian market. As part of this illustrious brand, Eswood has served the commercial dishwasher Australian market since 1911. With a strong commitment to quality, Eswood is an icon in the hospitality industry. All Eswood dishwashers and glasswashers are manufactured in Sydney, Australia.
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Dedication to Customer Service

Eswood backs its products with a strong dedication to customer success. When you buy an Eswood product, you can expect:

· A network of full-service branches and accredited service agents throughout Australia
· Customer support 24 hours a day, seven days per week year-round
· Quarterly inspections of all Eswood equipment to protect against performance issues
· Comprehensive servicing to avoid breakdowns, which means minimal down time
· A twelve-month full part and labour warranty
· The Goldstein Eswood guarantee to carry parts for a decade from the purchase date
· Expert customer service and technical support teams
· Full installation, operation and maintenance support at your convenience
· Products built to withstand the Australian climate

Few brands can boast the commitment to customer satisfaction that Goldstein Eswood does. That commitment to success has made them a favourite all over Australia.

About Eswood Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Eswood uses Smartwash dishwashing technology in all its products. With Smartwash, you get an intelligent, easy-to-use washer that cleans like nothing else.

Smartwash technology includes:

· One-touch control with wash and rinse temp displays for simple HACCP recording
· Low energy and water consumption for peak efficiency
· Self-cleaning cycle with removable spray arms and filters
· Double-skinned doors for minimal heat loss
· Self-diagnosing functionality for diagnosis of mechanical issues
· Capacity to clean over 1200 glasses per hour- suitable for the busiest establishments

Eswood at Ian Boer

Ian Boer is happy to stock a full range of Eswood commercial dishwashing equipment. Feel free to check out our website! Or come on in to talk to our knowledgeable sales team about the Eswood solution that’s right for you.

Looking for an Eswood product we don’t currently stock? We’ll source it for you! And we offer options to either rent or buy, depending on your needs.

Along with the Eswood warranty, we offer the amazing Ian Boer warranty on all products. So your purchase is risk-free!

Looking to buy online? Feel free to browse our website and let us know how we can help. At Ian Boer we have many financing options available, so let us find one that works for you.

And don’t forget! Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia. We have our own fleet as well as several dependable third-party transport partners!

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