B&S Commercial Kitchens

B&S Commercial Kitchens is a proud family-owned business. They've been making commercial cooking equipment in Australia since 1956. With over 100 standard products available, the company also builds custom products. As a result, B&S has built a reputation for great products.

B&S is based in Melbourne, Australia. The company has long experience in designing products for the harsh Australian climate. Along with providing excellence here at home, B&S has built a global reputation. As a result, they now have clients based all over the world.
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Why Buy B&S

Along with stringent quality standards, B&S has a product development process that centers around customer feedback.

It's this amazing, customer-driven innovation that helps them understand the market so well. With flexible, in-house R&D, great value and outstanding quality, it's no wonder they're a favourite. B&S does everything with the end user in mind.

What's the story behind their success?

While B&S started out over sixty years ago, they decided to specialize in Asian cuisine products in the 1970s. That decision brought them to the forefront of the market. They've been there ever since.

While providing products to service the niche, the company began to branch out into a number of elite products to fill specific customer needs, including waterless steamers, waterless wok ranges and more.

Their passion for designing cooking equipment is largely inspired by the need for diversity in the food industry throughout Australian and the world.

It’s this passion that has helped them attain higher levels of excellence with every product release.

B&S at Ian Boer

If you love B&S Commercial Kitchens, and we’re sure you will, you’ll find a wide range of B&S products at Ian Boer. With their amazing customer-driven process and their attention to quality and detail, these products will never let you down.

Looking to buy online? You’ll find all our B&S products on our website and be sure to reach out to customer support for any questions or concerns. Prefer to buy in person? Come on into our showroom where our friendly, expert staff is always ready to assist.

We’ll talk through your business needs and make sure you get the right product for your organization. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know! We’ll be happy to source it for you with all the usual options; whether you’re looking to rent or buy, finance or buy outright, we’ll find what you need.

Just ask our team about all the options, we’ll make buying easy.

Looking to make a risk-free buying decision? You got it! All B&S products we sell are covered by our exceptional B&S warranty, because we couldn’t have more faith in this amazing brand.

And don’t forget! Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia! We have our own fleet as well as several dependable third-party transport partners!

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