Blendtec Commercial Blenders

Are you familiar with the viral advertising series ‘Will it Blend?’ on Youtube? If so, you know all about Blendtec’s incredible blenders. Now you can buy the Blendtec professional brand of blenders at Ian Boer.
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This fantastic series features Blendtec’s intrepid founder and C.E.O demonstrating his blenders. And they can blend some pretty tough stuff. iPhones... pool cues... and even a plunger! The series features several ‘don’t try this at home’ items, and as a result definitely demonstrate the incredible abilities of these professional blenders.

But then, this is no ordinary blender company, and Tom Dickson is no ordinary C.E.O.

About Blendtec

Blendtec began back in 1975 when Tom cleaned up some wheat kernels with a vacuum cleaner. The result? Tom decided to innovate, revolutionizing home wheat milling. What came next? His dream of building the perfect mixer to knead dough, develop gluten and turn off on its own when the process was complete.

Tom perfected his first line of blenders, testing them by grinding planks of wood. And the rest as they say, is history. Tom succeeded in building one of the most strong and durable blenders in the industry. His blenders are now used all over the world for homes and commercial use.

Why Buy Blendtec

With the strength and durability of the Blendtech line, they offer a range of features, and as a result they make life in the kitchen easier, with:

• Easy-clean jars
• High-durability safety blade
• Indestructible drive socket
• Ultra-high-speed motor
• User-friendly touch interface
From dry-grinds to shakes and smoothies to purees, no matter what you’re blending, Blendtec makes it right, hence these blenders are a solid bet.

Blendtec Blenders at Ian Boer

We're crazy about the Blendtech professional brand of blenders at Ian Boer, because we know our customers love them. Buy one of their machines and you’ve got a great blender, as they’re durable enough to last you for life.

At Ian Boer, we carry most of the Blendtec line of blenders. You can buy them right on our website or come on into our showroom, and above all our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right blender for your business.

Buying online? We offer a helpline, so you can get fast and easy assistance if needed.
And as with every product we carry, if you can’t find it here just let us know; we’ll get it for you. We’ve got solutions for either rent or buy, and we’ll make sure you get the product you’re looking for.

At Ian Boer, all our products carry the extensive Ian Boer warranty, because we believe your purchase should be risk-free. Looking to finance? We’ve got a wide range of great finance packages.

And don’t forget! Ian Boer is happy to deliver anywhere in Australia. We have our own fleet as well as several dependable third-party transport partners, so your shipping is always hassle-free!

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