When it comes to one of the largest refrigeration manufacturers in the world, Atosa is amongst the top players in the market. A major manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and commercial catering equipment, Atosa Refrigeration is known for their cutting-edge equipment, their state of the art technologies, and their steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service.
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Well known for their top mount commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers, and counter top coolers that are considered amongst the very best in the industry for restaurants and catering businesses, Atosa Refrigeration is constantly leading the way for the newest, latest, and highest quality standards across the board. With a number of products bring sold throughout the world, including the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Australia, Atosa Refrigeration has become a major market player as it continues to expand throughout the global marketplace.

Part of what makes Atosa Refrigeration stand out in the market – aside from their high-quality standards – is the durability, versatility, and flexibility of their products. In order to provide exceptional usability and accessibility for their customers, every piece of equipment comes with castors as a standard feature. These castors feature lockable wheels to make maneuvering one of their refrigerators, freezers, or counter top units as easy and as simple as possible.

Quality Products Comes From Quality Components

Atosa exclusively uses European-made components for each of their refrigeration products, which has helped them to lead the way in the areas of energy-efficient refrigeration technology. By using materials like stainless steel, the Embraco compressor, and even hydrocarbon, they’ve worked to combine a high-quality exterior with a high-performance interior specifically designed to reduce electricity consumption and energy costs.

Ideal for kitchen environments within the commercial realm, Atosa offers multiple configurations for each of their models, so that they can strategically meet the unique needs of each individual client. Regardless of the size, scale, or scope of a commercial kitchen operation, Atosa always has a product that can fit right in.

At the very forefront of their approach is including user-friendly tech components that make each unit easy and intuitive to control. Control panels are integrated into each piece of equipment and include precise temperature control mechanisms to ensure that each customer can configure their new Atosa Refrigeration unit to suit their unique needs.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Included with every piece of Atosa Refrigeration products is a 2-year quality assurance guarantee for all labor and 4-years on parts. This warranty is especially important for those commercial kitchens that just can’t spare the downtime. Atosa is always committed towards assisting their customers in whatever capacity necessary to ensure that their experience using Atosa Refrigeration equipment is nothing short of stellar.

Atosa refrigeration and catering equipment are truly top of the line products that have helped to set the new standard for commercial kitchens and the restaurant industry as a whole, which is why they’re constantly leading the way for new and innovative technologies within the field and market

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