Product Description

Robot Coupe R 30 – Vertical Cutter Mixers

The Robot Coupe R 30 Vertical Cutter Mixers have been designed for processing both large and small quantities.
The cutter allows the processing of meat, vegetables and smoothly textured mousses, as well as for grinding and kneading foodstuffs in a minimum of time.
Less than 5 minutes are needed to realise even the longest preparation
such as smooth-textured mousses.
All stainless steel machine for space saving, built with a removable bowl and tilting seal for easier cleaning and to empty the bowl easily.
Control panel designed for a simple and reliable use and equipped with a timer for a better preparation control.

Robot Coupe Vertical Cutter Mixers
All stainless steel machine
Stainless steel bowl with handles
28-litre bowl capacity
IP65 control panel equipped with a digital minute timer
Transparent polycarbonate lid
3 smooth blade assembly supplied as standard
Lid wipe
3 Retractable wheel
Power – 5400 Watts
Voltage – Three Phase
Speed – 1500 & 3000 rpm
Dimensions: 720W x 600D x 1250H
Gross Weight – 148.4kg