Table Top Cutters

Commercial Table Top Cutters

To begin with, Robot Coupe table top cutters are high-performance food cutting machines. Designed to cut, mix, grind, chop, knead, and puree with speed and efficiency. Giving you consistent, high-quality end-product in little time.
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Robot Coupe table top cutters have a recommended speeds of around 3000 RPM for mousses and smoothly textured base mousses. This is only for the longer preparations. Robot Coupe models of bench top cutters come in a choice of 12 models. Also, capacities ranging from 2.9 litres up to 11 litres. Also, some of the larger models available in the range come also equipped with speed variation giving flexibility for a great variety of tasks. The induction motor has been designed for heavy use to guarantee durability and reliability for your commercial kitchen after all.