Product Description

If your opening up an ice cream store and your top selling product is going to be ice cream / gelato, you would want to think about going with a top quality ice cream & gelato display freezers for display your product. This is where the ISA Millennium 16 – 16 x 5 Litre Tubs. Not only will this give your ice cream & gelato an amazing finish presentation, customers can see into your display freezer much easier compare to having the ice cream sitting down below.

The display surface, inclined at 6°, Provides for maximum ice cream visibility
The internal basin is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring maximum strength & hygiene
The temperature is electronically controlled & managed, allowing the user to set & maintain the desired temperature with maximum precision, thus ensuring improved preservation quality
Freezer takes 16 x 5 litre trays
Temperature adjustments from -14°c to -16°c
The cabinet has been tested at +35°c with 70%
Dimensions: 1508W x 1062D x 1392H