Product Description

If your after a simple ice cream or gelato display freezer. One of these 9 x 5 litre ice cream scooping freezer is the best choice for you. Low power consumption, manual defrost with a static refrigeration system. Huge amounts of storage space underneath the baskets.

High load line
Fitted with 3 castors (2 lockable)
Maintenance free condenser
Manual defrost
-14°c to -22°c
Dimensions: 1310W x 670D x 1280H

Frames Options:
Frames for 5 Litre containers
Frames for 11 Litre containers

Sneezeguard Options:
Sneezeguard – perspex canopy
Sneeze guard light

Cabinet Protection Options:
Stainless steel capping
Checker plate base

Display Area:
9 x 5 Litres
8 x 11 Litres

Reserve Storage Area:
22 x 5 Litres
6 x 11 Litres