Commercial Ice Cream Freezer

Are you going to set up an ice cream parlor? Perhaps you want a commercial ice cream freezer and gelato display freezer for your superstore. Whether you planned to run an ice cream franchise or have a family-owned creamery, it’s obvious that ice cream is a must dessert for your customers.

Ice cream produces lots of revenue for plenty of businesses every year. So, you need to keep your treats as fresh and cold as you can.

Our commercial ice cream freezers range from small to large with simple basic specifications. With gelato display freezers and commercial ice cream freezers, your top-selling products can be ice cream and gelato.

In this regard, you definitely need to be purchasing an ice cream freezer that gives your ice cream a fresh look for final presentation. As well as your customers feel it easy to see into your freezer without opening it.

Types of Freezers

Gelato cabinets and ice cream display freezers are quite similar to household freezers. However, they vary in some ways. Proper gelato cabinets present gelato in display case trays, whereas ice cream often displays in tubs. Gelato cabinets are designed to store gelato at a warmer temperature.

You cannot serve ice cream out of gelato cabinet. You definitely would not want to serve your best products in melted ice cream or a rock hard gelato state. Therefore, you have to select the best commercial ice cream freezer for your needs.

Also, the commercial ice cream freezers MUST turn off overnight to ensure the cabinet has fully defrosted ice for the next day of trade. You will need to store your ice cream in a freezer overnight.

If your business is not mainly focused on selling a lot of ice cream, or you’re a tiny ice cream store, you could go with a cheaper static type of ice cream & gelato freezer. These have the tubs sitting down below to keep cold. There is usually available storage underneath saving on costs on purchasing a backup freezer to store ice cream in.

If you need an Upright Storage Freezer to store your ice cream & gelato, we have many to select from.

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