Roband HUQ1425E – 1.4m Quartz Heat Lamp Assembly – No Control Box

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Roband HUQ1425E – 1.4m Quartz Heat Lamp Assembly – No Control Box

The new Roband HUQ1425E Quartz Heat Lamps look very similar to the previous style with the same features such as power, length, lamp position and the mounting system. However, the lamp assemblies have been redesigned to accommodate Roband’s Easy Fit Globes.

The Easy Fit globes themselves are easily replaceable in seconds by the customer, without the need for an electrician. They feature a protective quartz glass outer layer, protecting the delicate inner globe glass from fingerprint damage. This outer layer of glass will also contain fragments of glass in the event that the globe unexpectedly shatters, thereby eliminating the need for a glass window on the underside of the lamp body. A simple, easy to open wire guard protects the globe from physical damage.

The new Quartz Heat Lamp Assembly models now have the letter E at the end of each model number to denote it comes with the Easy Fit globes. Also includes A, N & E wire in PTFE 1500 mm length for installation and remote control.

Roband Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium section, specifically designed to breathe.

• HUQ375E – 375mm long, 350 W, 1.5 Amps
• HUQ825E – 825mm long, 700 W, 3.0 Amps
• HUQ1125E – 1125mm long, 1050 W, 4.6 Amps
• HUQ1425E – 1425mm long, 1400 W, 6.1 Amps
• HUQ1725E – 1725mm long, 1400 W, 6.1 Amps
• HUQ2025E – 2025mm long, 1750 W, 7.6 Amps
• HM600 – mount kit for lamps. 2 x 19mm diametre round tubes, inserts, and mounting brackets with instructions for installation by an electrician. 600mm tubes can be cut to desired length.

Please note that the old style Heat Lamps Assemblies (e.g. HUQ375) cannot be modified to accommodate the Easy Fit globes.

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