Commercial Potato Ovens

Potato ovens provide a highly nutritious and popular option for today’s health-conscious public. Baked potatoes appeal to all ages and their versatility is unmatched. A broad assortment of both cold and hot toppings can be prepared, providing multiple menu options!

King Edward potato ovens are known to stand the test of time, having been produced in England for over 30 years. Not only do they evenly cook your potatoes to perfection, but they also entice hoards of customers when displayed. The beautiful golden glow and the mouthwatering aroma of roast potatoes are irresistible to customers.

Baked potatoes are inexpensive for the caterer to make and most likely the safest food to deal with. Potatoes can be readily obtained, easily washed and baked. Different toppings and fillings add an exciting twist to this desirable dish.

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