Commercial Potato Ovens

Potato ovens baked potatoes are highly nutritious and are a popular option for today’s health-conscious public. They appeal to all ages and their versatility is unmatched. A broad assortment of both cold and hot toppings can be prepared, providing multiple menu options and ways to enjoy roast potatoes.

King Edward Potato Ovens

King Edward potato ovens have been produced in England for over 30 years and have stood the test of time. King Edward potato ovens cook potatoes perfectly, but they also merchandise them in an attractive and appealing way enabling your King Edward Potato oven to sit facing the restaurant. King Edward makes preparing and presenting roast potatoes easy.

Entice your customers with the mouthwatering aroma of traditionally baked potatoes, cooked to perfection. The potato oven’s multi-element cooking method has reduced operating costs, requiring little skill without any energy or ability from the operator and is low-maintenance. Just load your potato oven, leave for approximately one hour and the potatoes are evenly baked to perfection.

Baked potatoes are among the least expensive foods for the caterer to make and most likely the safest food to deal with. Nature has already wrapped it into an edible and healthy packaging. Potatoes can be readily obtained, easily washed and baked, and you can add an assortment of fillings and toppings to make a healthy, well presented and appetising dish to your customers.

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