Product Description

Unox XEBC-04EU-EPR Bakertop Electric Combi Oven

The Unox XEBC-04EU-EPR combi ovens are controllable like your hands. Natural as your thoughts. Fast as your glance. Unox XEBC-04EU-EPR BAKERTOP MIND.Maps are an impressive range of new line of professional ovens.
Here will break down the barriers between your idea and the food you serve. BAKERTOP MIND.Maps PLUS stand toward complete control of the baking process and maximum creative freedom. MIND.Maps Personality. In a gesture overall.

Integrated Technolgy with the Unox XEBC-04EU-EPR

The Unox XEBC-04EU-EPR has four integrated technology system called.


This technology ensures perfect distribution of the air and therefore of the heat within the ovens baking chamber. Multiple auto-reversing fans and high-speed motors guarantee baking uniformity in all pans. From those at the bottom of the oven to those at the top. The possibility of choosing from four air speeds and four semi-static methods allows any product type to be cooked perfectly, from the most sensitive pieces to products that require high temperatures and a significant rate of heat transfer.


STEAM.Maxi: The oven will make steam from 35 °C with very extreme accuracy and little water consumption.


DRY.Maxi: The DRY.Maxi technology rapidly removes humidity from the ovens baking chamber and provides the ideal requirements for food that needs cooking in an entirely dry condition. Oven baked goods are soft, crisp and fragrant, grilled and browned meats retain their weight and flavour. Vegetables preserve their perfect texture. You can bake anything you like, with Unox, quality comes as standard after all.


ADAPTIVE.Cooking technology transforms your Unox oven into an intelligent tool. It understands the results that you have in mind, interprets your settings, registers the variations of humidity and temperature, senses the volume of food that is in the oven and recommends the best way to get precisely the results that you require.
By completing the baking time and improving the blended actions of 3 Integrated technologies of the Unox oven, DRY.Maxi, STEAM.Maxi and AIR.Maxi. The ADAPTIVE.Cooking will continuously give you the same perfect result after all time and time again precisely as you imagined it overall with a Unox Oven

List of Features on a Unox XEBC-04EU-EPR

Capacity: 4 Tray 600 x 400
Distance: 80 mm
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions (mm): 860W x 957D x 675H
Plus Electric
Voltage: 400 V ~ 3N
Electrical power: 10.6KW (17 amp – 3 phase)
Weight (kg): 85
Manual baking modes + advanced and automatic baking programming
Store up to 256 user’s programs with possibility to assign name and picture to each program
Door-integrated LED lights
High-performance thermal insulation
Durable carbon fibre door lock
Triple internal glass
Trolley handle with a safe grip
LCD touch screen
Forced humidity extraction
Lateral support
High strength, self-lubricating door hinges
Special fan to reduce baking time
AIR.Maxi technology, improving the air distribution in the cooking chamber
Protek.SAFE technology, allowing thermal insulation and safety

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