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Bratt Pans

Commercial bratt pans are deep, rectangular cooking pots with a counter-balanced pull down lid. The heat source on the bratt pans are from the base of the pan and can be gas or electric. They all have a tilting feature, operated electrically or by a hand-driven mechanism, so food that has been cooked can be poured into containers through a “vee” in the top edge of the forward side.

These are a versatile piece of high production equipment, able to perform eight cooking functions: braising, boiling, steaming, poaching, stewing, roasting, deep-fat frying and shallow frying. Not all bratt pans are suitable for all eight functions, but looking at a model specification sheet will show what is possible.

They can be used for multi-function cooking of one product, such as browning-off meat with the pan set at a fry temperature with the lid open, then liquid added, the temperature turned down and the lid closed to softly braise. Soups and sauces can be similarly prepared using multi-cooking temperature modes.

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