Maximise Storage with Upright Solid Door Storage Fridges & Freezers

Commercial Upright Solid Door Storage Fridges & Freezers are perfect for kitchens, cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and takeaway. Also, ideal for storing frozen foods as you need them or for a long period of time.

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Commercial Upright Solid Door Fridges

Commercial Upright Solid Door Fridges are a great cabinet using as backup product storage. We have a huge range of small single solid door fridges, going all the way up to a 3 solid door fridges. Pretty much all solid door fridges & freezers units finished off in a stainless steel internal and external. The only disadvantage to having a solid door upright fridge or freezer is that you can’t see what is inside the cabinet unlike having a Upright Glass Door Fridges.

Split Door Fridges & Freezers

Many upright solid door freezers & fridges offer a split door option. That being, the fridges & freezers come with half doors openings on them. Also, not a full-size door like normal glass door cabinets. This is very energy-efficient as you don’t lose all your cold air when you do door openings.

Also, if you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin. We even deliver to Tasmania on a weekly basis with service agents all across Australia after all.

Upright Solid Door Storage Fridges & Freezers

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