Commercial Upright Fridges & Freezers with Solid Doors

Commercial upright fridges and freezers with solid doors are perfect for kitchens, cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and takeaway.

Solid Door Fridges & Freezers

We have a huge range of small single solid door refrigerators, going all the way up to a 3 solid door fridge. Pretty much all solid door refrigerator units are finished off in stainless steel internal and external. The only disadvantage to having a solid door standing refrigerator is that you can’t see what is inside the cabinet unlike having Upright Glass Door Fridges and Freezers.

Split Door Fridges & Freezers

Many standing solid door freezers & fridges offer a split door option. This is very energy-efficient as you don’t lose all your cold air when you open the door.

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