Sandwich Bar Display Fridges & Pizza Prep Fridges

Purchasing a commercial sandwich bar & salad display fridges can bring a fantastic opportunity to your business. To display fresh salads and sandwiches to your customers, made freshly to the customers liking.

A commercial pizza preparation fridges is a perfect way to keep your productivity up in your commercial service kitchen. Easily accessing your ingredients from the chilled stainless steel pots for your sandwiches, salads, pizzas and other food preparation.

Sandwich Bar & Salad Fridges

We have a huge range of food prep fridge’s, noodle bars and benchtop counter sandwich bar fridges. Keep your sandwiches and salads safe and hygienic in stainless steel pots and chill fan-forced air. Also, most sandwich prep fridges come with refrigerated storage underneath, making this an excellent food storage.

Standard sandwich fridges come with a double row of stainless steel pots, calculated by 1/6 GN (176 × 162 mm) stainless steel row of food pots. Also, in this photo below, it’s showing stainless steel pots size 1/6 GN and 1/3 GN.
Double Row Layout

If you’re looking for a triple row of pots or a noodle bar fridge as they are called, this will take a full size 1/1 GN (530 × 325 mm) or they can be broken down into a combination of smaller stainless steel food pots. In this photo below, it’s showing stainless steel pots sizing of 1/1 GN, 2/3 GN, 1/2 GN and 1/3 GN.
Triple Row Layout

You can have a sandwich prep fridge looking like this:
Sandwich Bar Fridge

Pizza Preparation Fridges

When choosing a pizza bar prep fridge, most of them DON’T have chilled forced airflow over the food pot, but just cold air underneath the pots to refrigerate the stored food.

This is fine to have a pizza prep fridge like this, but it’s not advised to have the lid open for a long period of time as your salads and meats are stored with rising in temperature to unsafe levels. It’s our recommendation to choose a pizza cabinet that has the fan-forced chilled airflow over the pots. This gives you a constant safe temperature for your food storage. Also, most pizza prep benches comes with refrigerated storage underneath, this makes it handy for extra food storage.

Pizza Preparation Fridges

Also, We have a huge range of Multipurpose Display Fridges.

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