Product Description

This 10 Tray Blast freezer and shock chiller are the best natural systems to extend the shelf life of food. Blast Chillers make it possible to lower the temperature at the core of foods that have just been cooked, down to +3°C in less than 90 min. Reducing bacterial proliferation and dehydration of the food. The final result is the preservation of the quality, colour and fragrance of the food, extending its shelf life.
All this enables the chef to work with a better organization and more calmly, leaving more time or creativity. They are ideal for commercial business that has a focus on quality, consistency and time management. Being Made in Italy, These blast chillers and freezer come with 2 Years Warranty on Parts and 1 Year Warranty on Labour

Takes 10 x 1/1 GN pans or 10 x 600mm x 400mm baking trays
30KG per cycle for chilling
20KG per cycle for freezing
10 Levels at 70mm apart, Optional 35mm spacing
Stainless steel AISI 304
Rounded internal corners for easy cleaning
Easily removable stainless steel supports
Core Probe temperature reading from 90c to -3c during chilling and 90c to -18c during freezing
43c Ambient temperature
Made in Italy
Dimensions: 780W x 800D x 1460H
Power: 15AMP, 2KW