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Roband Australia – 2019 Price Increase

The New Year is here, which means companies, suppliers, and manufacturers are creating plans, goals, and strategies for the next 12-months. It is common, this time of year, for suppliers to alter their pricing and reflect price increases that match new equipment parts, inflation, and so forth. Due to the increase in equipment supplied by one of our leading partners, Roband Australia, we will be reflecting those price increases on February 1, 2019.

As Roband stated, it has been two years since they made any pricing changes to their food service equipment. However, while they have remained consistent, they have endured increased pricing from their suppliers, exchange rate deterioration, increased production costs like that of electricity charges, increased freight charges, and other business cost elements that are natural to this line of work.

The scale of the changes, stated Roband, has forced them to adjust their pricing in order to remain competitive at this time. Their team has done their utmost to weather the changes without making any drastic pricing announcements, until this year.

So who is Roband Australia and why are they so critical to our company? Check them out below!

About Roband Australia

As a leading supplier for food service equipment, Roband is a proudly family-owned company that is combining decades of engineering excellence and marketing acumen to serve customers worldwide. Founded 60-years ago, Roband Australia is known for leveraging an element of experience that just isn’t “teachable” to newcomers in the industry.

Named for the family’s two sons, Robert and Andrew, the brothers combined their love of food and food service in a culmination that resulted in Roband Australia. With an indisputable reputation for durability and reliability, as well as a diverse product line, the company has remained vigilant, relevant, and profitable throughout the ages.

At this time, Roband Australia imports and distributes the likes of Vitamix blenders, Noaw meat slicers, Forje cookware, and Dipo Induction Systems. With many other big name brands under their sleeves, it’s easy for Roband to reflect on a very successful career in the world of food service equipment. Amid it all, they have remained committed to the client, which is why they sensitively announced their price increases this week.

Our Ian Boer Partnership

As a result, due to our dependence and trusted partnership with Roband Australia, we will also be reflecting these price increases in a few week’s time. It is the natural ebb and flow of running a business amid industry changes, and we want you to hear it from us here first. That’s part of our mission to embody transparency in everything we do.

We hope you have had a beautiful start to your 2019, and we look forward to doing business with you as the year progresses.

Roband FR25Roband PA100Roband DM21S

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