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Cleaning Your Commercial Refrigerator Condenser Coils

Why You Should Do It – How You Can Do It – How Often You Should Do It!

Like any piece of machinery, whether mechanical, industrial, or technological, there is always going to be a bit of self-maintenance involved. And for machines like air conditioners, fans, generators, and commercial refrigerators, it may be more in-depth and involved than a simple exterior cleaning!

In fact, for local businesses like restaurants, commercial kitchens, bars, supermarkets and grocery stores, and other businesses in the hospitality industry, they invest thousands of dollars a year in complete and thorough cleaning procedures for their commercial refrigeration units, and more specifically, their condenser coils.

Dirty Condenser Coils
That is one dirty condenser

Did you know that a regular cleaning of the condenser coils that power your commercial refrigeration units require frequent cleaning to ensure that they’re operating at peak performance at all times?

Every year, restaurants and supermarkets waste thousands of dollars simply because their refrigerators aren’t functioning as efficiently as they should be! Why bother wasting money when you can save money by cleaning the condenser coils of each of your commercial refrigeration units yourself?

Here’s Why You Should Do It, How You Can Do It, & How Often You Should Clean Your Condenser Coils!


Like any machine, dust, dirt, and debris frequently build up in the cracks and crevices of the machine itself, in addition to the various fans and filters that are designed to block dust from getting through.

While these fans and filters may inhibit dust, dirt, and debris from making their way into the machine itself, they also require a steady passageway to expel air, so if dust is blocking that passageway, you can bet your dollar that your machine is not running at peak performance!


Cleaning the condenser coils on your commercial refrigeration unit has never been easier. In fact, all you need is a step ladder, a brush, a vacuum, and some degreaser if you can scrounge some up! Take a look at our 5-step process!

  1. Remove items from your fridge or freezer and power it down – be sure to unplug it too!
  2. Locate the condenser coil. This could be on top of your cabinet or underneath. Every refrigerated cabinet is different.
  3. Brush off any dust using your brush and be sure to vacuum up any dirt and debris that may have fallen into the chassis.
  4. Clean off grease using your degreaser if necessary
  5. Prepare your clean commercial refrigerator condenser coil to be powered back up!
Clean Condenser Coil
That is one beautiful clean condenser coil.

Could it really be any easier to save some money by doing it all yourself? And don’t forget, your commercial refrigeration unit will be running more efficiently, safely, and effectively until your next routine cleaning.

How Often?

You should regularly clean your condenser coils at least three times a year, if not more! Whenever you notice a significant buildup of dust and dirt around your machine, you can take that as a fair indication that your condenser coils should be cleaned.

But then again, you know your machine best! So, be sure to track your cleanings and make a note of how long it’s been between each routine cleaning!

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