Commercial Milkshake Mixers

Commercial milkshake mixers are ideal for any café, cream parlor, bar or restaurant that may need to treat their customers with high quality frozen drinks.

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We supply the largest brand machines from a single mixer to a triple head mixer that can do three flavored shakes simultaneously and mixers that can blend other types of drinks as well.

The word milkshake goes by different names nowadays, for instance in Europe, you might hear “thick shake,” in New England, you might hear the “frappe,” and in some small towns you might hear it as “malt.” No matter what you call it, the milkshake is considered as the best desert treat all around the globe.

You can enjoy your favorite milkshake flavor at fast food chains, casual dining restaurants, ice cream shops, and of course in cinemas too.

The designs of the modern milkshake mixers and the mixers used for decades behind soda fountain counters and in ice cream shops are not much different. Modern designs are much more compact and powerful, more to the point, and more reliable. Most of the milkshake mixer commercial are priced well in range for the typical user.

Commercial milkshake mixers can be placed on the wall or counter for stability. With one, two or three spindles these milkshake machines can also be known as spindle mixer that can whir away with up to 25,000 RPM speed. To make your drinks perfectly smooth, commercial milkshake mixers are best.

Both, the Roband commercial milkshake mixer and Hamilton Beach mixer have a Saturn Beater, which can produce extra fluffy shakes with minimal ingredients frequently. The powerful motor of the Roband mixer ranges from 1/3 to 1 full HP. Usually, for long-lasting reliability, the spindles are made of durable and robust die-cast metal.

Besides, stainless steel mixing cups are included as well. However, most of the commercial milkshake mixers are designed to be used with plastic cups.

Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer commercial has convenient tilting head, which allows you to make your milkshakes in any comfortable position you want. Besides it has a compact design that can fit on most of the kitchen countertops as well as it has attractive chrome housing that makes it ideal for any home.

Furthermore, for easy cleaning, Hamilton milkshake mixer commercial has a detachable spindle with a retro look. Around 28 ounces large mixing cup is included as well.

Another Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer commercial model offers two ways to use it. You can use it for the manual operation that needs you to flip a switch to start blending. You can even use the cup guide, which starts the mixer automatically after inserting a cup.

Hamilton commercial milkshake mixer works on three blending speeds along with safe components of a dishwasher. You can tackle eggs or batter as well in this milkshake mixer commercial.

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