Vitamix VM10089 – 2.0 Litre Vita-Prep 3 Drinks Blender

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Vitamix VM10089 – 2 Litre Vita-Prep 3 Blender

The Vitamix VM10089 is designed for food preparation in commercial kitchens, Vita-Prep® 3 handles extra-thick and tough ingredients.
A work-horse in the commercial kitchen, Vita-Prep 3, with a 3HP* motor, purées and blends faster and smoother than any other blender or food processor you may have used. Its variable speed control allows you to select the exact speed required to process every type of ingredient. Even extra-thick and tough ingredients can be processed with ease because it has more power when it
needs it. Its wet blade, combined with the use of the tamper stick, allows you to add ingredients slowly and push thick, viscous ingredients down around the blade while the machine is running.

Designed specifically for food blending, puréeing and chopping
2 Ltr, high impact, clear container complete with Wet blade assembly, lid and base
Powerful ~3 peak output HP* motor
Tamper stick to push in ingredients
Power: 10Amps, 1100 – 1200Watts
Dimensions: 203W x 229D x 514H

*Load dependent. Varies with voltage.