Benches, Trolleys, and Shelving

A professional kitchen requires adequate workspace and storage, and we at Ian Boer have a wide range of benches and shelving equipment to help you stay organized and efficient.

From stainless steel tables and benches to adjustable trolleys and all the shelving a hectic kitchen could need, we’ve got it all. Need help designing your space for maximum efficiency? Our expert staff is happy to share our expertise.

With years of experience in high-output kitchens, we’ve got all the advice you need. From choosing the right material to deciding whether you need a backsplash and everything in between, we’ll help you put it all together.
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Stainless Steel Benching

Need a custom design to fit your space? Let us know. With over 32 years servicing the hospitality industry, we’re able to source equipment worldwide.

So whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we’ve got everything you need to design the perfect commercial kitchen. And don’t forget about our exceptional warranty!

Contact us today to chat about the best benches and shelving for your needs.